Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Alcohol Of Fame 2014 Nominees

This guy.

Getting drunk at a football game is one thing.  Getting drunk and the re-creating the Weather Girls hit song It's Raining Men is officially taking it up a notch.  Banister slides are not for amateurs in the 300 level of a football stadium.  Sure it reeks of inexperienced drinker but does that make him less worthy? 

Vodka Sam

Another drunk at a football game.  But it's no too often it's a girl getting arrested.  Tweets like "Going to jail now.  YOLO." "My mom had to come bail me out.  She is so pissed.  LOL" and then claiming she was going to get a tattoo of her BAC got her onto the list of nominees.  And being that her twitter handle was already Vodka Sam proves she's not new to the game.  But will it be enough to get her into the hall?

Marion Barry

Got nabbed in an FBI sting.  Undercover bitch set him up.  She insisted they freebase some coke before having sex.  Kind of borderline nomination as he is most notorious for cocaine but should that hurt his chances?  Does anyone do coke without a drinking problem?


Years of drinking and smoking are finally having an affect on Lemmy.  While we prefer he focus on staying well and making music, his alcohol tolerance earns him a nomination and probably a spot on Mount Boozmore.


C'mon.  Do Ozzy's credentials really need to be listed?



Any state that allows minors to drink in bars as long as they are with their parent or guardian (until they are 18 that is) is HOF material.  The state is also home to the worlds largest six pack of beer and LaCrosse proudly brags to have the highest number of bars per capita.  And it goes on and on... 

Mel Gibson

When you get so drunk you do something that you will never live down, well that gets you a nomination.  He talked shit to a cop and then dropped a "J" bomb.  The Jewish community was already pissed at him for Passion of the Christ.  Good luck convincing anyone you aren't anti-Semitic now.  And those rage induced voice mails you left for the mother of your child, pretty sure you were drunk there as well.  And you had to be drunk to agree to star in the movie "What Women Want".    

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Is there a funner politician out there.  Speaks his mind like Jesse Ventura.  Drinks like Grover Cleveland and dables with the crack.  Now a bunch of flat liners are trying to kick him out of office because he's got plenty of pussy to eat at home.  Should we cut him some slack and put him in the Hall?

There you have it.  8 Nominee's.  Only 3 will get in.  Winners will be announced December 17th.  Good luck to all!  



  1. I have a write in candidate. This guy: Extra credit for the Vikes swag amiright?

  2. 1) Wisc
    2) Mel
    3) Ozzy
    4) Lemmy
    5)Rob ford
    6)Marion berry
    7)This Guy
    8) Vodka Sam