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Review: Don Jamieson at the New Hope Cinema Grill 3-15-2014

Someone asked me why someone who values his own opinion so much doesn’t do reviews on things like music releases, movies and performances.  Good point.  I clearly don’t mind being a judgmental asshole.  I should share more of that.  Would God have given me this gift if he didn’t want me to share it?  So were officially open for business here at Snark At The Moon.  Got something you want to be reviewed?  Let us know.  Now lets kick it off!

Don Jamieson – New Hope Cinema Grill

March 15th, 2014

I first became familiar with Don Jamieson from VH1’s That Metal Show.  For those who don’t know, he, along with fellow comedian Jim Florentine and radio show host Eddie Trunk, is one of the hosts.  I must confess to be a tad addicted to this show.  Even though they’ve never addressed one of my complaints about the show (Stop staging Stump the Trunk questions around the shows guests for one) I never miss an episode.  So when I heard Don Jamieson was coming to MN, as a fan, I knew I had to go.  I used it as an excuse to take my wife out but the reality is if someone told me he was at Como Park playing Frisbee with his dog I would’ve gone and watched that. 

I should say that I don’t go to many comedy shows.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy them.  There just aren’t many that I know enough of to make a point of going.  And here I was.  All fired up because a comedian who’s act I have no familiarity with was coming to town.  Confession.  I was a little worried he wouldn’t be funny which might then ruin my relationship with his show.  If he wasn’t funny then maybe Jim Florentine isn’t either.  Would they then be just a couple of losers who like black t shirts?  But I was willing to risk it.  I also didn’t do any youtube or google searching on his act because I didn’t want to go in knowing anything about his show.  I’ve already experienced enough things for the first time with my hand.  Not tonight though.  Tonight!  I was a Don Jamieson virgin.   

So, wife in tow.  Off to New Hope we go.  One thing us in flyover country have grown weary of is the half assed effort from our entertainers.  Ecspecially from the New York area (Mr. Jamieson is a proud New Jersian.  Jerseyian?  He’s from Jersey.)  But not DJ.  (I can call him that.  We’re buddies now.)  To my personal delight a large part of his show revolved around hard rock and metal.  This may not be the type of material that would fill Madison Square Garden but it fucking should.  Don’t ya think? 

(It’s been brought to my attention by Mr. Jamieson’s people that it is not ok to call him DJ and in no way are him and I “buddies”) 

I think a big part of his act is his delivery.  I know you can say that about all comics but I think it really comes home with Don’s act.  There was an interaction with the crowd he kept going back to.  There was gentlemen he called Big Guy (He was big) who was on a first date.  At one point going back DJ (sue me) wanted to confirm that “Big Guy” did indeed want to fuck his date for the evening.  His delivery followed by an expressive stare all but guaranteed “Big Guy” was either going to get laid that night or he was on his first and last date with the lady he met online. 

There were jokes about Croc’s, Whitney Houston, Dicks, Farts and KISS.  He even managed to add a local touch to his routine with a racially tinged reference about Brooklyn Park.  Gotta give it to a guy willing to do some homework right?  He was offensive, sexist and a tad bigoted.  But in a loveable way.  We’d all get along better if we didn’t take ourselves so seriously.  After the show he took pictures with fans, signed copies of his CD’s and was exactly the guy you see on TMS.  Oh and the best part?  Outside of Don I may have been the skinniest dude in the place.  Thanks Don.  Next time maybe we can hang out.    

For more info on Don check out the following links.  


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