Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Alcohol Of Fame 2014 Inductees

Well were only supposed to have 3 but there was a tie so what the hell.  We are proud to give to present the Alcohol Of Fame Class of 2014.

With an almost unanimous vote the state of Wisconsin.
No municipal embraces getting hammered like the great state of Wisconsin.  Letting children drink in bars as long as they are with a parent who is also drinking.  Boasting the worlds largest 6 pack.  Being the last state to change it's drinking age to 21 only to be the only state to change it back to 19.  You embody everything we are attempting to honor. 

And we have this guy! 

Even though he's clearly an amateur when it comes to boozin' he just does with so much flair it was difficult to keep him out.  So for the greateest bannister slide in the history of man kind we are proud to induct this guy.

Ozzy Ozbourne. 

Is there a more prolific nominee?  Ozzy's liver should probably get all the credit considering it does all the work.  Ozzy Ozbourne ladies and gentlemen. 

Mel Gibson

While his hate speech isn't cool the way he embraced being hammered is.  His fall was just enough to force himself into the Hall and become just the 4th ever nominee to the Alcohol of fame.

Congrats to all nominees not just for being inducted but for making history as the inaugural class of the Alcohol of Fame.  The awards ceremony can be held at your leisure. 

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