Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Sports Crapper October 19th

Rex Ryan Wants His Players To Stop Banging

Apparently there is just too much sex going on with the New York Jets as head coach and recent chastity belt endorser Rex Ryan has apparently asked his team to stop having sex.  Or in his words, "Rest their legs"? I don't understand.  Are they fucking each other?  This is the same guy who has a tattoo of his wife wearing his QB's jersey.

Who Wants To Give A Millionaire 10 Bucks?

Something called Fantex Earnings is allowing schmuck's like us to invest in professional athlete's. They give the athlete money.  Then we give them money?  This sounds a lot like that toilet paper known as Green Bay Packers Stock.

Gronk's Mom Wants Us To Leave Him Alone

Rob Gronkowski's mom went public to defend her little boy who has some teammates thinking he's milking his injury a tad.  And like all grown up millionaire's, this hurt his feelings. Gronk sad.  As if it wasn't bad enough his mom talked to the papers, she called him Robbie.  


Nothing special here.  Except maybe CJ Fair.  I just enjoy this picture. For some reason ESPN asked some college basketball players to draw their schools mascot.  apparently this is Otto.  The mascot for the Syracuse Orangemen.  Not only does it look like it was drawn for a 4 year old.  CJ looks quite proud of it.  We're gonna hang this right here on the fridge.   

Shit stupid sports fans say.  "Why not trade him now while we can still get something for him?"

Have a good weekend! 

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  1. And here I thought I was pushing it by posting a shirtless photo of ex-Viking Matt Birk on your Facebook page...