Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shut The *BLEEP* Up!

There are reasons you don't spend too much time raising your child to think they are great.  One being, well they're probably not great.  Another reason would be they grow up to be this idiot.  This perfectly lovely gal thinks her job is too focused on the bottom line than quality.  To prove her point she used a Kanye West song.  (At least I assumed it was ironic).  For TWO years she sacrificed friends and relationships for this heartless video production company and she decided she was going to quit in GLORIOUS fashion. And of course the mindless masses ate it up.

Please.  I can't be the only one tired of the videos of 20 somethings sharing their disappointment in the world. They are pissed off because their Art History degree didn't turn into a 6 figure job a week out of college and they want us all to know about it.  They need to shut the fuck up.  But it's not their fault. It's the parents bribing them with ice cream not to throw a fit in church. It's teachers telling them trying is as good as doing. It's school counselors telling them EVERYBODY deserves to go to college.  This moron's disenchantment is what plenty of people would call their best day ever.  

I don't care if someone wants more.  I care that they feel they deserve more. Have some perspective.  And can we stop giving credit for mediocrity.  If you watched this video and thought it was creative.  You watch too much reality TV.  If you thought, Good for you!  You've never worked in your life.  When your livelihood depends on you having  a job, you don't quit for these reasons. I doubt she's sacrificed much of anything except maybe a gym membership. And she hasn't even earned the attention I'm giving her.     

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