Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Such A Waste?

Chris Brown is back in the news for punching people. And whether it's Mr. Brown looking at some time behind bars or Kurt Cobain decorating his living with room with his own brain matter.  When a young celebrity does something that may hamper their ability to continue making music, movies or whatever, claims of "Such a waste" will follow.

The point being it's too bad that someone who had so much talent and potential earnings can no longer share that craft with us because they are incarcerated or dead. We'll set aside how ridiculously debatable it is that Chris Brown is any level of unique talent.  Why does the ability to sing and dance make us sympathetic to the offender?  If Hitler could sing and dance would we view him differently? And unlike Chris Brown, Michael Jackson was a unique and supreme talent.  And none of that matters to me because he raped children.  There are certain crimes that SHOULD take the spotlight away from what made you famous and punching women or molesting children are two examples of such.  And shooting yourself in the face isn't tragic as much as it is selfish.  John Lennon.  Stevie Ray Vaughn.  Lynyrd Skynyrd.  These were artists taken from us.  Losing them was  a waste.  Chris Brown going to prison.  Not so much. And it's less likely Michael Jackson will scar another child now that he's dead.  Just saying.  

I know there are circumstances behind the scenes whether it be how Chris Brown was raised, Michael Jackson never having a childhood or Kurt Cobain's love of heroin.  But that's my point. How many junkies reach the level of success that Cobain did? How many child molester's record the biggest selling record in history?  How many guys who beat up chicks get famous for beating up chicks?  We are looking at this wrong.  There is no wasted talent.  Michael Jackson achieved a level of fame most pedophiles never do.  Kurt Cobain sold more records than almost any junkie ever.  And if Chris Brown eventually ends up in prison it won't be a waste. He's already received more standing ovation's than most women punchers can dream of. Sometimes, people overcome things like a crippling drug addiction or a violent temper and reach heights most people with similar disorders never approach.  These aren't stories of wasted talent.  They are stories of inspiration for people addicted to beating women or molesting children.  Even sicko's like you can become famous.


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