Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nostalgia is like a dirty diaper.

The dream, the glory the loudness, make up, fire, some mediocre songs and TWO dudes w/ more facelifts than Carrottop. KISS and the drama of their induction to the Hall of Fame has become the sh*t show of the Rock industry and that's not saying a lot being it's the Rock industry. We all understand, they were a band, put on make up, wrote songs, sold dolls, blew fire, banged b*tches, took make up off but this should have gone away after 5 yrs at most. Now we approach the time of longevity and the inductions into the Hall. So you put in the time, changed out band members like tampons, and now it's the Gene and Paul show and who the like. My opinion is that they should've tried having a baby together. At the end of the day all I see is grown a$$ men arguing over whether they should "play" w/ each other then there's the question of make up or no make up. A little squirrely. The Gene and Paul self jerk. Go away Kiss, no one cares except for your fans whom you've duped for years on end. I don't think it has been about music for many years, no one wants your doll, or your clubs or your fata$$ in spandex. I hope to see these two f*cks box each other @ some point~MA

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