Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gene Simmons Love's Himself Some Gene Simmons

How often do you wake and think “I need to write and sell a book about how to write and sell a book”?  Well if your name is Gene Simmons that’s probably a thought you have most days.  After perusing my advance copy of Gene’s latest book “Me Inc.”  I got to a point where I figured rather than offer a review of the book I’d actually be doing you the reader a solid by saving you time and money and just give you the main points in an easy to digest manner.  A sort of Me Inc. For Dummies.  Although anyone buying this book can’t be too bright.  But as such here’s a step by step guide on how you too can be successful like Gene Simmons.

1.       Meet Paul Stanley

2.       Cash big checks

3.       Say lots of inflammatory and stupid things

4.       Point to pile of money as validation of your stupid views

Things the Gene has been successful at:

1.       KISS

Things Gene has failed at away from KISS:

1.       Running a record company.

2.       Silent Rage

3.       House of Lords

4.       Gene Simmons Tongue (Men’s Magazine)

5.       Gene Simmons Bikini Carwash

6.       Moneybag (Clothing line)

7.       Making Indy Racing relevant again

8.       Marketing

9.       Record Producer

10.   Acting

11.   Running a record company, a second time.

12.   Managing Liza Manelli

There’s more but the overall point is this.  If you meet the right person it doesn’t matter how incompetent you are. 

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